Looking for something fun and creative for your birthday card?

The flying butterflies by Magic Flyer® add surprise and laughter to any gift or card.  These are paper butterflies that are wound up, placed into the card and, when opened, the butterfly flies out and surprises!   These accessories can also be used and reused during birthday parties by having the butterflies fly out of napkins, plates, or any other kind of creative support to surprise guests.  If you are hosting a birthday party, send out invitations with flying butterflies in them to announce your party with a surprise! This will surely distinguish your invites.

Whether you use them as an addition to your invitations and cards or as party supplies, the flying butterflies always create unforgetable moments of laughter and surprise.

The flying butterflies are an exclusive invention of the French company Magic Flyer International.  We invite you to visit our boutique online

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