DIY invitations are a popular trend in the wedding industry not only because they are a less expensive option, but because brides and grooms want to distinguish themselves with their creativity.  The Flying Butterflies by the French company Magic Flyer International make an excellent DIY invitation accessory because they add an extra touch of creativity to any invitation and come in a variety of designs and colors to match your specific cards.

 The flying butterflies originate from a love story in France.  The creative inventor came up with the concept to declare his love by writing “I love you” on a card and had the paper butterfly fly out to announce the romantic message to the woman who became his wife.  The use of this product for weddings allows for brides and grooms to symbolize their everlasting love as the inventor did, with a fun surprise for their guests. 

The instructions of use are simple, just wind up a butterfly about 40 full turns, place it into an invitation, gift, or any kind of support, send it to your friends and family and they will be pleasantly surprised when a beautiful butterfly flies out to announce the special event. Click on the video below and discover the incredible effect of the Magic Butterflies !


Based on Magic Flyer International’s increasing popularity in the wedding industry, Magic Flyer is currently expanding to theUnited States and Canadian markets through online wedding boutiques.

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