The Magic Butterfly on the cutting edge technology.

Last November, the famous Turkish brand Ezra+Tuba Atelier , presented their last Spring/Summer 2015 couture collection « Beginning »

The « Beginning Collection » is the lastest stage of the « Fashion and Technology » collaboration project between Ezra+Tuba, Intel and Asus.

As the need of technology and communication rapidly expand in our everyday life, Ezra+Tuba wanted to experiment converging fashion towards technology in order to enhance an extend the functionality of clothing.
They also used this year again the concept of “parfumed runway show”. Perfumed scents were diffused in the atmosphere, in accordance with the story, offering both a visual and olfactive experience to the spectators.

Their shows and design work speak for themselves. They have once again demonstrated their incomparable sense of style and incredible talents.

Designers played with contrast mixing hard materials and textures, such as metal, copper chains and stencilled leather, with a feminie flow of silks and the shimmer of richly embroided fabrics. For the end of the show, our Magic Flyer enlighted this concept, flying out of dresses toward a a sky full of harmony and peace.

Those sisters will continue to create more technological and luxurious collections and surprise us. Congratulation to them. The Magic Flyer’s team is fan !!!

Intel Papillon Magique

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