The Magic Butterflies of the french inventor inside the single clip of Sean Chris FT. Lylah - La mienne

The director Nathalie Carollo did not hesitate to use the french Magic Butterfly® in the clip of Sean Chris's single FT. Lylah - La mienne. And the succes is amazing !

Sean Chris - La mienne cartonne avec les Papillons Magiques

Between "MAKING OF" and "CLIP OF THE SINGLE", here is an extract for the pleasure of eyes and ears 

Des Papillons Magiques dans le nouveau clip de Sean Chris F.T Lylah - La mienne

Since his official release last September, the fans do not stop showing their interest in this single very "Dance Floor" Zook. A remarkable work of precision and originality carried by the director Nathalie Carollo who knew how to highlight the French invention of Magic Flyer International. 

The Magic Butterflies in the clip of the single of Sean Chris FT. Lylah - LA MIENNE - fire "Dance Floor"!

"LA MIENNE" is available on all the platforms of legal download.

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Produced par BenJi (Nèg' Marrons)

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A/C : Chistopher Bibian - Jean Pierre Sylva - Wilson da Silva
Editions: Neg'Marrons Production - Sawaz - Aztec - Los Productions
P&C : Neg'Marrons productions - Sawaz
Distribution: Aztec music

Clip realised by Nathalie Carollo -

Discover the Magic Butterfly, revolutionary French invention :