Magicflyer, fly of butterflies

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This genius invention is at the origin of an amazing love story

Magicflyer, a woman receives a magic butterfly

The Magic Butterfly®

The messenger

There once was a genius inventor who had imagined a crazy idea: to seduce her with a beautiful Magic Butterfly. By developing an ingenious metal wire assembly, elastic, iridescent paper, he wrote his message on the wings of the butterfly and slipped in a letter before sending it by mail ... At the opening the card, the Magic Butterfly in his extraordinary flight came to deliver to the girl, the testimony of his feelings.

Magicflyer, a couple of lovers

The Magic Butterfly®

Implementation & Development of the butterfly

From this deeply moving love story full of poetry was born David Vilaplana, President founder of Magic Flyer International. The Magic Butterfly® is a French invention manufactured locally that participates, with the assembling of its fine wings, to the social rehabilitation in southern France’s prisons.This revolutionary invention has became a must-have item in the sector of communication and events. A boundless consecration as The Butterfly magique® is today "The First Flying Concept of the correspondence history"!

Magicflyer, made in France

20 years already...


It is under the sun of the Provence in France that David Vilaplana created the company Magic Flyer International on 2nd February 1995. The company, specialized in the invention and creation of innovating product, manufacture and market it leading product the Magic Butterfly®.

From the beginning, the professionals were the first to use this revolutionary French invention. Recognized by the most famous references as the first “ FLYING CONCEPT OF THE CORRESPONDANCE HISTORY” the Magic Butterfly holds the return rate record in marketing campaigns. In 20 years, Magic Flyer International has progressively asserted itself in the retail market sector (card shops , bookstores, toys stores) as well as communication and events sectors.

Magic Flyer International is now established worldwide. The head-office is in the south of France and assert its presence with 5 European agencies, 1 American agency and many exclusives partners.

Magicflyer, two kids with our magic butterflies

Our philosophy

Strong values

In the social field, the Magic butterfly® is a symbol of hope for organisations. Among those beautiful stories, the engagement of the inventor Magic Flyer International sponsor of the association “Magie à l’Hôpital” (Magic at the Hospital) in 2014, played a large part in the children’s wonder invited to the Élysée Palace. Its participation to the magic Christmas day at the Élysée with the President François Hollande and television host Alex Goude, revealed an inexhaustible source of strong emotions that forever marked his destiny.

The Magic Butterfly® is also the symbol of the integration of women in the arresting houses of the southern France. This is where, by taking its delicate form, it contributes to social reintegration. Much more than a philosophy, Magic Flyer International owns a heritage to share : His determination to transmit with his Magic Butterfly to the four corners of the world, messages of universal love and joy limitless.