Find here in picture, an extract of the prestigious events in which the Magic Butterfly participated!

AVIATION SANS FRONTIERES celebrates 40 years !

THOMAS PESQUET, famous astronaut and sponsor of the association, signs this very prestigious card.

"It is high time to relight the stars…" AVIATION SANS FRONTIERES celebrates its 40th anniversary under the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire and takes off by sending magic cards.


The Magic Butterfly at the heart of a huge surprise for the start of the 50 World Tour.

On the evening of her 50th birthday, LARA FABIAN attended a grand event in the Forest National concert hall in Brussels. A release of over 6000 butterflies!


The French Magic Butterflies chosen for the inauguration of a revolutionary architectural concept.

Fate was there! There is a space with butterfly flowers right in front of it. The famous Japanese architect SOU FUJIMOTO imagined for the city of Montpellier this unique building constructed like a tree with an unusual inauguration.


Launch of the new fragrance "MON PARIS" by Yves Saint Laurent

L'ORÉAL marks the spirits with the Magic Butterflies for the launch of the new perfume. England and France use the formidable Marketing tool to raise awareness among all its employees.


Mc Queen

The famous French butterfly official partner in Romania for the promotion of the movie MC QUEEN

The Magic Butterfly® is the official partner in Romania for the promotion of the documentary MC QUEEN, dedicated to the famous fashion child Alexander Mcqueen. This film released in movie theatres on April 12, 2019 retraces a breathtaking portrait of the Designer who left unique collections. Before promotional premieres with emblematic Blue and Green Butterflies, Magic Heart booklets, symbol of eternal love, held by a robot, symbol of ephemeral mechanization. Butterflies in the air, a release in honor of her death in 2010. Great event communication performance in the international cinematographic world. Nominated 2 BAFTA AWARDS 2019: Outstanding British Film of the Year and Best Documentary.

COTY Creates the event

Magical evening for an international prestigious brand.

COTY, one of the leading international cosmetics brands uses Magic Butterflies to create the event at a prestigious evening. Releasing butterflies with a luxurious personalized heart-shaped setting and total interactivity with guests opening a mystery card. "Please, do not open before the signal" inscribed on each envelope waiting for a carefully coordinated top start.

INTEL Experience Amazing

Magic Butterflies at the center of an INTEL TV AD

An exceptional partnership with EZRA TUBA and INTEL TECHNOLOGY gave birth to this world-first creation, the "BUTTERFLY DRESS". Seen by millions of viewers, the French invention shone for many months in the United States in an advertising concept entitled "Amazing Experience".

Christmas with the French President

The Magic Butterfly patron of the french Association "Magie à l'Hôpital" amazes the President of the Republic as well as 500 Children!

David Vilaplana, founder of Magic Flyer International, has been in partnership with the french Association "Magie à l'Hôpital" for years. It is as a patron, under the presence of his first ambassador Éric Frot and Alex Goude, television host, that the French inventor had surprise the French President François Hollande in the Palais de l'Élysée as well as more than 500 children present.

Happy Birthday Céline

The Magic Butterfly celebrates Céline Dion’s 50th birthday in Las Vegas with the RED HEADS

March 31, 2018, the Magic Butterfly was in LAS VEGAS at the "Julius Caesars Palace Suite" to celebrate Céline Dion’s 50th birthday ! Many fans present at a memorable evening organized by THE RED HEADS. Champagne and Patisseries, Cards and Magic Heart Booklets with its effigy. In the end, multiple flights of butterflies with wings covered with precious metal SILVER, just for the diva.

The Magic Butterfly to the cinema

The French invention makes its first appearance at the Cinema in a comedy by Anne Depétrini, entitled "Il Reste du jambon ?

It is in an unusual wedding announcement that the Magic Butterfly makes its effect. The French actress Marie-France Pisier in the company of the Belgian actor Jean-Luc Bideau, open a mystery envelope in a scene very heralding the scenario.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Promotion of the film’s release in Spain Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Unexpected success at the release of the film of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Spain. The video clubs had the nice surprise to see an original butterfly with wings covered in the effigy of the celebrity of the international cinema. Formidable communication tool, the Magic Butterfly quickly becomes the FLYING OBJECT IDENTIFIED of the greatest events.

ASPID 2010 "Gold and Silver Medal"

2 Medals for 1 campaign on behalf of the ABBOTT Laboratory. Best Ibero-American advertising campaign in the world of health and pharmaceuticals.

When you’re a pharmaceutical company, the ASPID Trophy is one of the most prestigious Ibero-American awards you can get for advertising or communication campaigns. The ABBOTT laboratories know this and bet big on the French invention. An extraordinary universal communication tool that helped win 2 "Gold" and SILVER medals for the best internal and external communication campaign.


Sean Chris Ft. Lylah - La Mienne

The Magic Butterflies in Sean Chris' music video ignites international Dance Floors !

Director Nathalie Carollo did not hesitate for a second to use the French Magic Butterflies in the music video of Sean Chris and Lylah, entitled "La Mienne". These two R'n'B and Zook celebrities from the Caribbean have a great success on international dance floors.

Raphael Perrier’s incredible show at the MCB Beauty Selection

Directed by Patricia Zali

This absolutely amazing show by the hairdresser Raphael Perrier was directed by Patricia Zali at the Mondial de la Coiffure in Paris. This show entitled "The Future... Today" hyptonized the entire room ! Fifty top models dressed in costumes worthy of a Luc Besson film that opened the Magic Hears Boocklets of the French inventor, releasing in the air more than 1000 Magic Butterflies fluttering over 180 degrees.

"The Butterfly Effect" by BÉNABAR

SONY BMG MUSIC uses the Magic Butterfly for the media promotion of the album

It is under the direction of Denis Collart, Marketing Manager of the group SONY BMG MUSIC France that David Vilaplana, founder of Magic Flyer Inernational has personally designed this Magic Butterfly with the effigy of Bénabar. Introduced in each album during its official release in 2008, this formidable communication tool has managed to appeal to all French media with sobriety and finesse. From Paris, the universal messenger transmitted the message of a simple wing flap...

Kylie Minogue - Tow Hearts

October 2007, the EMI label entrusts the project of a special Magic Butterfly for Kylie Minogue

This title is the first physical single to be released since the announcement of her breast cancer in May 2005. David Vilaplana imagines a symbolism around the butterfly Leuconoé, for this fragile and immortal woman, hence the reason for the title Tow Hearts. Following the various attacks of Madonna against Kylie Minogue for "plagiarized" on the image style of her future album cover, the project is abandoned by the record company. But the first ambassador of the Magic Butterfly will transform this crazy idea into "Goddess Leuconoé" of Greek mythology for another great diva of international song. This new project is underway and will be completed by the end of 2019 !

Shine - Mary Jess Leaverland

DECCA RECORDS Wants Butterflies in the First Album of The Great X FACTOR Winner in China !

Mary-Jess Leaverland won the Min Xing Chang Fan Tian Award, X FACTOR Chinese. A TV talent show presented to 70 Million people in December 2009. On the occasion of the release of his first album entitled "Shine" in 2011, the label DECCA RECORDS calls on the French inventor of the Magic Butterfly to promote in an original way this very beautiful album. All the communication was studied around the O.V.I (Identified Flying Object) prized by the biggest.

Promotional Gift Award WINNER CERTIFICATE

Head/Winner, TOUCHMORE GmbH, Magic Butterfly's German office - Designer David Vilaplana.

Product/Trademark represented : Magic Flyer®, European brand used for the French Magic Butterfly represented internationally in the corporate communication sector. Winner siège : Touchmore GmbH, the Magic Butterfly's German office. category : Give-away. Designer : David Vilaplana.

Sport Illustrated Magazine - Direct TV New York

Direct TV organizes a campaign with the Magic Butterfly and the "Footbal Players" of the National League.

Each magazine featured a very special magic card located in the center of it, with a personalized Magic Butterfly in the effigy of a famous American player, ready to take a beautiful fly as soon as the opening. A very large original campaign with randomly printed winning tickets in the cards. Very nice promotion for the famous American magazine as well as for the New York TV channel.

The Magic Butterfly Patron of Magie à l'Hôpital famous association

Eric Antoine, godfather of the association, proud to butterfly for children !

With one unic goal to purpose of making children dream all over France hospitalized and in long illness, this book entitled "Magélys, the magician doll in the land of scents" was born in 2014. All sales profits are reinvested in the purchase of magic tricks offered to children, in the purchase of equipment specialized in child magic, in the purchase of magical gifts for children.... Magic Flyer International, inventor of the Magic Butterfly and patron of the association, created for the occasion, the exact replica of one of the key characters, which comes to life by opening this beautiful work... He calls himself MAGIBISCUS! the story is amazing and the Magic Butterfly makes this extraordinary character relive daily under the eyes of the marvellous children.