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The Magic Butterfly distribution networks

Le Papillon Magique®

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The Magic Butterfly is sold in more than 1,500 rigorously selected physical outlets around the world . He is also represented by many specialists in the organization of Weddings and event agencies in search of originality.

This added value transforms all the great classics: birthday cards become surprising, invitation cards become festive and interactive, Faire- hand and greeting cards simply MAGICAL ... All occasions are possible!

Distributed in France by Moulin Roty, in Italy by Selegiochi "Citta del Sole", Germany, German-speaking Switzerland "Aurich OHG" specialist in games and toys for children. Also in Spain in bookstores, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United States "Top Malibu", party products, Canada, Japan…

The reasons for such success? Unlimited "emotion-generating" power that appeals to all audiences. He is also the "First Flying Concept" in the history of correspondence .

Magic Flyer International has developed various high performance products so that each reseller can appeal to his own clientele. The Magic Butterflies are also available wholesale for specialized retailers on the Internet who wish to seduce in multiple universes: marriage, birth, magic, show, event ...

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Individual pack for retailers

Le Papillon Magique®

Our Individual


The individual pack is perfect for retail. It will fit perfectly into your store as a Stationery accessory or as a children's toy.

The individual pack consists of a Magic Butterfly, a thin cardboard holder with instructions on the back and crystal cellophane.

For the classic version, the concept is offered to you with our ranges of standard butterflies and our 5 pastel colors for our cartolines: pink, blue, green, yellow and mauve.

For the personalized version (Example below MOULIN ROTY collection), you can create your own design for the Personalized Magic Butterfly and for the cartoline.

Magic Butterfly Deluxe Pack

Le Papillon Magique®

Pack of LUXE

The Deluxe Pack consists of a Magic Butterfly, a Butterfly-shaped Card and an envelope. It comes in 2 versions: Hot precious metals (Gold, Silver ...) or fully personalized at your convenience (see minimum quantities per collection).

An "all in one" product , the end consumer does not have to make the effort of composition. At a glance, he imagines its purpose. He will personalize his message thanks to the "universal and aesthetic" card which escapes the codes of traditional card making.

The use of this pack is unlimited: original birthday cards, festive invitation cards, announcements and magic greeting cards ...