The Origins - An exceptional heritage!

A genius invention born out of a love story worthy of a fairy tale!

Le Papillon Magique®

1956 Our Legacy

Once upon a time there was a genius inventor who tried to spread his wings to convey his feelings. He had imagined a crazy idea to seduce his beautiful.

Developing an ingenious assembly of metal wire, elastic, shimmering colored paper, he created a mini flying object in the shape of a butterfly.

Then he wrote his message on his wings and slipped it into a letter before sending it by post ...

At the opening of the envelope, this extraordinary Butterfly in its magical flight, came to deliver to the young girl, the testimony of her feelings.

Surprised and very moved by the originality of this intention, the young girl agreed to meet him.

Love at first sight was so mutual that a love story began. This fairytale love story spanned over 60 years!

Almost half a century later, this revolutionary invention would unknowingly become the " First Flying Concept " in the history of correspondence.

Le Papillon Magique®

Our History

1968 - From this moving story full of poetry is born David Vilaplana.

1993 - David Vilaplana is 25 years old. He is an artistic agent and takes care of his father's business. Mariano Vilaplana, the artist, the poet, the inventor of genius interests the personalities, the media. It was then that David met the famous host of TF1 Christophe Dechavanne, who wanted to welcome him to his program "Coucou c'est Nous".

And it is live on French television, under the amazed eyes of 4 million viewers, that David discovers the Flying Butterfly which is at the origin of His birth. The success was immediate and requests poured in from all over the country.

1995 - It was in sunny southern France that he created the company NOVAPOLIS. From Latin Nova (New) and Polis (City), symbol in ancient Greece of a community of free and autonomous citizens .

The company has big plans! Develop inventions and create innovative products with the sole objective of making people dream. David Vilaplana then decides to mass-produce his leading product, which he calls "the Magic Butterfly®". Under the success of international influence, the company and the butterfly become one. David Vilaplana then transforms Novapolis into Magic Flyer International.

From its beginnings, professionals were the first to appropriate this revolutionary French invention, considered today by the greatest world references as the "FIRST CONCEPT FLYWHEEL OF THE HISTORY OF CORRESPONDENCE ”.

2021 - Proud of its multiple trophies, the Magic Butterfly® holds to date the absolute record for the Return Rate in the Marketing campaign Direct . In 25 years, Magic Flyer International has gradually established itself in the general public distribution sectors (card shops, bookstores, toys) as well as those of corporate communication and events.

Le Papillon Magique®

Our values ​​

In the social field, the Magic Butterfly® is a symbol of hope for associations. Among his best lived stories, the involvement of Magic Flyer International as "patron" of the association Magie à l'Hôpital , contributed in 2014 to amaze many children invited to the PALAIS DE L'ÉLYSEE . His participation in the event " CHRISTMAS AT THE ELYSÉE " in the company of President François Hollande and many personalities, revealed an inexhaustible source strong emotions that forever marked his destiny.

The Magic Butterfly® is also the symbol of the integration of women into remand centers in the south of France. This is where, while gently taking shape, it contributes to social reintegration. More than a philosophy, Magic Flyer International has a heritage to share. Its determination to transmit with its Magic Butterfly to the 4 corners of the world, messages of universal love and joy is limitless. .