Our creations

Discover here a universe of unique creations, imagined to amaze your guests or your correspondents on all occasions.

Butterfly Card

Surprise and emotion are the key words !

This universal card is truly unique. It has several functions. Equipped with a special notch to keep your Magic Butterfly reassembled inside, it is fully autonomous and interactive. The Butterfly Card does not require an envelope to be kept closed, if you wish to use it as a support to create magical flights.

Available in 3 colors ( White , Silver and Gold ), the Butterfly Card is also always ready to be issued by the Post your best intentions to all your recipients.

A formidable event director, she transforms your guests into actors in the most beautiful moments of your life. Create your dream scenario yourself. In addition to a guard of honor or to decorate an entire room, guests are delighted to participate in this unique moment that they will never forget.

For a magical evening or a more intimate ceremony, place the Butterfly Cards in an envelope (to be added when ordering) on ​​the tables against the glasses or on the chairs with your message written on them. Example: "Wait for the signal before opening ...».

For an official release, distribute Butterfly Cards in addition to Butterfly Booklets or Livrets Coeurs Magiques . This will increase the emotion tenfold and bring individual flights multiplied by the number of guests you have selected. This helps to make the magic of the moment last even longer. Butterfly Cards can repeat their roll at will.

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The Magic Butterfly Booklets of the French inventor

Butterfly booklet

An elegant support for a flight of 10 Magic Butterflies

This magnificent butterfly-shaped object remains a high-quality booklet to enhance your throws of Magic Butterflies.

The Butterfly Booklet accompanies you in all your events: weddings, baptisms, birthdays, inaugurations, large-scale events ... With its elegant design, each Butterfly-shaped booklet releases in the air a flight of 10 Magic Butterflies unique in the world .

As a guard of honor in a celebration, on a podium for the show, in an inaugural event in front of the public or in large numbers in a large hall (Ex : « 50 World Tour » de LARA FABIAN), the Butterfly Booklets participate in a more than grandiose spectacle.

Pour plus d'interactivité, ajoutez des Butterfly Cards to involve a larger number of guests in all your events. The Papillon Booklets can repeat their throw at will.

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LUXURY Magic Heart Booklet

A magical creation to sublimate all your events

This exceptional, very "high-end" setting can be personalized with your image. Create a simultaneous flight of 30 Magic Butterflies unique in the world! Whatever the event (wedding, corporate event, official opening, anniversary, show), the magic of Magic Heart Booklet will forever mark your guests, your audience.

From the opening, no less than 30 Magic Butterflies take flight under the amazed eyes of all. An incredible multi-sensation effect, when the Magic Butterflies soar in the air over 180 degrees, like a firework of joy and positive emotions.

The Magic Heart® Booklet is entirely assembled by hand in our workshops in the South of France. It was imagined in collaboration with a great designer "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" . Made up of 8 heart-shaped leaves when closed, this very beautiful object turns into a butterfly with outstretched wings when opened. Placed on the tables, it becomes a wonderful "Guest Book" to keep a lifetime.

Its closure is held in place by a white satin ribbon wrapped around a small "clasp heart" that can be personalized with your image. Each Magic Heart Booklet can repeat its throw at will!

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Our Magic Butterfly Universes

  • The Magic Butterfly, Nature Sauvage range


    Indomitable, instinctive, breathtaking ... Unparalleled beauty.
    Unspeakable comes out of ephemeral life!

    See our WILD NATURE Magic Butterflies
  • The Magic Butterfly, Fluo range


    The Fluo range will take you to the heart of the latest trendy ultra trendy fashion in terms of private parties! Extraordinary butterflies that glow in the dark to create a unique, eerie, multicolored ambience.

    See our FLUO Magic Butterflies
  • The Magic Butterfly Baroque Flower range


    Temperence and joie de vivre ...
    The exuberance of the baroque flower thrown against a background of delicate luminosity with nuanced pastel colors, gives the illusion of a return to the past and a momentum towards the future .

    See our Magic Butterflies BAROQUE FLOWER
  • The Magic Butterfly Feathers range


    Feathers, natural sweetness ...
    From the dark nature, muddy and soiled by time, springs the light luminosity of pure and clear colors

    See our Magic Butterflies FEATHERS
  • The Magic Butterfly Precious Metals range


    Chic and luxurious Butterflies!
    These Magic Butterflies exude rich and luminous symbols. Made from real precious metals, these Magic Butterflies will amaze you.

    See our PRECIOUS METAL Magic Butterflies
  • The Magic Butterfly New Concept range


    The echo of light resonates in each color ...
    Balance is born from complementarity. Harmony of the whole and inner vibrancy. Perfectly suited for professional use, these Magic Butterflies easily find their place in all your mailings!

    See our Magic Butterflies NEW CONCEPT
  • The Magic Butterfly range Tattoo


    Chic and luxurious Butterflies!
    These Magic Butterflies exude rich and luminous symbols. Made from real precious metals, these Magic Butterflies will amaze you.

    See our Magic Butterflies TATTOO
  • The Magic Butterfly, Impulse range


    A whirlwind of joy and colors ...
    The intoxicating brilliance of bright colors and tangy vitality punctuate the festive origins of a spiritual sharing.

    See our Magic Butterflies IMPULSE