Magic Flyer blue butterflies

The Magic Butterfly ®

A flight, an emotion

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Magic Flyer a butterfly send a love story

The Magic Butterfly®

The messenger

This genius invention is at the origin of an amazing love story.

There once was a genius inventor who had imagined a crazy idea: to seduce her with a beautiful Magic Butterfly. By developing an ingenious metal wire assembly, elastic, iridescent paper, he wrote his message on the wings of the butterfly and slipped in a letter before sending it by mail ...
At the opening the card, the Magic Butterfly in his extraordinary flight came to deliver to the girl, the testimony of his feelings.

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Magic Flyer how to use the magic butterfly

How to use it

Wing up the butterflies 40 to 50 times and put them in your cards. When your recipients open their cards, the butterflies will then take off.


Insert our Magic Butterflies into your cards, your announcements. For weddings, births, birthdays, parties etc.
Discover our booklets to create multiple flights.


Surprise your customers, your prospects. Personalize the Magic Butterfly in your image or that of your customers.


Discover our individual packs, our booklets... Expand your range with our «Butterfly Flighters».


Create an original and spectacular show! The Magic Butterfly "Fashion Style" surprises on all opportunities.

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  • Le Papillon Magique, gamme Fluo

    FLUO Butterflies

    The Fluo range takes you to the heart of the latest trend in private parties. Extraordinary butterflies that glow in the dark to create a strange and colorful atmosphere.

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  • Le Papillon Magique gamme Plumes


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  • Le Papillon Magique gamme New Concept


  • Le Papillon Magique gamme Tattoo


  • Le Papillon Magique, gamme Impulsion


Magic Flyer and the magic butterflies of Ezra Tuba

Details & prices

All our Magic Butterflies
QuantityPrice per Butterfly (€)

except Tattoo and sale

10 to 491.95
50 to 991.75
100 to 1991.50
200 to 2991.44
300 to 4991.38
500 and +1.22

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