The Magic Heart Booklet

A customizable booklet for a fascinating flight of 30 Magic Butterflies.

Magic Flyer and our Magic Heart at a wedding exit

Magique Heart® Booklet

An amazing wedding exit

For all your events (wedding, corporate events, fairs, birthdays,…), the magic of the Heart Booklet will be remembered for long.

Create a Magical and Unique Butterfly Release !
At the opening a swarm of Magic Butterflies take off in all directions and flutter around under everybody’s amazed eyes. The invention is reusable several times. Spread the wings of your imagination and create a moment that will remains in everybody’s mind, much more than usual photos and videos.
When romanticism, tenderness and technique combine to offer you the most amazing wedding exit, a scene that will be the start of a new movie : The Story of your life.

Magic Heart Booklet customized

Magique Heart® Booklet

A customized luxurious case

The Magic Heart® is a Luxious Case made of 8 Heart shaped sheets with a satin ribbon. When opened, this beautifull object turns into a butterfly with extended wings.

Customization Of The Little Heart That Holds The Ribbon

When you click on the "BUY NOW" button, you can customize this little heart on the front with your names, wedding dates, quotes... That will remain in your souvenirs for ever.

A Very Original Unique "Guest Book"

This beautifull hand-made case has been created in association with a famous French designer.
Set opened on the table, the Magic Heart turns into an original wedding "Guest-book". It will then become a beautifull souvenir of this so special day!

Magic Flyer and the Magic Heart with flying butterflies

Details & prices

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QuantityPrice per Magic Heart Booklet (€)

30 Magic Butterflies INCLUDED

1 to 2 86
3 to 5 71
6 and more 63

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