Magic Flyer and his Butterfly Booklet

Butterfly Booklet

An elegant booklet to create a flight of 10 Butterflies.
Available in silver and gold.

Magic Flyer how to wing up my butterflies

How to wing up my butterflies

Choose the model of your favorite Magic Butterfly, wind them up 40 to 50 tours and insert them inside the booklet (1 butterfly per page).

Tutorial Order
Magic Flyer shows his Butterfly Booklet with colorful butterflies

Multiply booklets to create more and more magic!

The Butterfly Booklet will accompany all your main events (wedding, birthday, fairs, inauguration...). With its elegant design, this booklet in the shape of a Butterfly releases a flight of 10 Magic Butterflies in the air.
Add our butterfly cards for more magic.

Magic Flyer and the Butterfly Booklet

Details & prices

Don't forget to adjust the number of butterflies!
1 Booklet = 10 butterflies
2 Booklets = 20 butterflies

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Price per Booklet (€) Available in silver and gold

10 Magic Butterflies INCLUDED

1 to 238
3 to 532
6 and +28

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