Parties & Birthdays

A birthday, a surprise, an inauguration, an invitation to send by post ... Celebrate on any occasion with the Magic Butterfly!


Festive Cards for a 100% trendy evening!

As soon as our cards open, a magnificent concept in the shape of a Butterfly flies through the air to deliver your message or to create a beautiful animation!

Rewind the wings of these Magic Butterflies 50 full turns, slide them inside your card, and presto, voila! Surprises and positive emotions guaranteed to all your guests!

To accompany a gift, to celebrate a great occasion, for a birthday invitation to send by post, a party, a trendy reception ... These festive cards and their matching Magic Butterflies surprise on all occasions.

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Carte papillon personnalisée

Butterfly cards to personalize : guaranteed emotions!

Weddings, baptisms, invitations, inaugurations, birthdays ... The customizable Butterfly Cards are elegant, universal and 100% customizable !

An Announcement, an invitation card, a menu ... To send by post or to surprise your guests.

Our personalized Butterfly Card pack includes a set of 10 personalized cards online by you, but also 10 Magic Butterflies and 10 Personalized Envelopes also with the message of your choice.

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