New Year Cards 2020

The Magic Butterfly®, an unforgatable revolutionary concept

New Year 2020 Magic Cards

The Magic Butterfly®

Surprise your client and prospect for your new year greetings

Customized Greeting Cards Pack A customized double card + 1 Magic Butterfly® of your choice + 1 Envelope. from 50 units only! !

1 - CHOOSEyour card template here or click onCUSTOMIZE ONLINE.

2 - CUSTOMIZE ONLINE : fill in your card with your own text or image directely online. Then choose your favorate Magic Butterfly for sending with your New Year Cards.

Mail a unique new year card. The Magic Butterfly, made up with a very light colourful paper and a patented rubber band, is taking off the card at the opening to surprise and delight your clients, yours prospects and your partners.

With an average return rate of 20% in marketing campaigns, a handling of more than 10 people and a remanence of more than 5 years, The Magic Butterfly® holds an unmatched record, witnessed by hundreds of references in the world.


The Magic Butterfly®

Our prices for New Year cards 2020 customized online

QuantityPrice per Card (€ TTC) 1 Magic Butterfly + 1 Envelope INCLUDED
50 to 994.44
100 to 1454.14
150 to 1993,84
200 to 2993,62
300 to 3992,66
400 to 4992,50
from 5002,39
Le Papillon Magique pour votre papillon personnalisé

Your best asset

Pack Mailing New Year Cards fully customized

Your card + Magic Butterfly fully customized from 500 units

Fully customized card double-sided 13.5 x 13.5 cm closed (graphic elements supplied by you or to design with our creative department), four-color process printing on coated paper 300 g / m2 + 1 customized Magic Butterfly® + 1 Envelope + Winding of the Magic Butterfly offered.

Order free samples and try the first "flying concept of correspondance history"!

Customization of the wings with your colours, your logo, you message...

A complete customized mailing pack "ready to be sent"!

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