Magic Flyer for your wedding exit

Butterflies release

Wedding exit, parties, events - Create unique flights of Magic Butterflies!

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Magicflyer and the Butterfly Booklet


With its elegant design, this booklet in the shape of a Butterfly releases a flight of 10 Magic Butterflies in the air.

Multiplied booklets to create more and more magic.

From 28 €
(Butterfly Booklet + 10 Magic Butterflies)

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Magicflyer and the Butterfly Card


This card supplied with 1 Magic Butterfly inside will allow your guest to take part in this magic event. To be used in addition to the booklets, as a magic card or as an original invitation.

From 22 €
(The pack of 10 cards + 10 Magic Butterflies)

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Magicflyer and the Magic Heart


This luxurious customizable case allows you to create colorful and varied flights of 30 Magic Butterflies. Wedding exit, parties, events, shows. This beautiful heart shape item becomes an original guest book when it is placed on the table.

From 63 €
(Magic Heart Booklet + 30 Magic Butterflies)

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